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What about your IPcore ?  

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First of all , The IPCore entirely developed by our engineers , and all the instruction and components are manually developed, now  the Core has two versions for user to deep explore the principle of CPU design.
One is "state machine" based,and another is "pipeline " based.
both of them can run under linux gcc,GDB with openOCD, and also it can fully run on freestudio on windows 10.
The fully tested RISC-V  IPcore  is perfect one for education and training course, it already adopted by several university and training institution  around the world.
Since it is a manually  developed one , it is understandable and modifiable one.
Now we proposed to open source to  customs who are interested in. The IPcore is free.
But the service fee will charge 10000$(USD), which include detailed documentation on how to understand the IPcore and how to use the IPcore, and technical support on how developed software on the exist IPcore as well.
Also there is another choice to develop the RISC-V by choose the third party IPcore shuch as Sive RISC-V IPcore, but that one is developed by chisel language, from RTL point of view , it can not be understand.
Posted : 29/07/2020 5:58 pm