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What is the design objective of the PRA040 Risc-V FPGA study board ?  

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The main purpose of this system design is to complete FPGA learning, development and experiment with Intel Quartus. The main device uses the Inte Cyclone10 10CL040YF484C8G and is currently the latest generation of FPGA devices from Intel. The major learning and development projects can be completed as follows:

  1. Basic FPGA design training
  2. Construction and training of the SOPC (NiosII) system
  3. IC design and verification, the system provides hardware design, simulation and verification of RISC-V CPU
  4. Development and application based on RISC-V
  5. The system is specifically optimized for hardware design for RISC-V system applications
Posted : 18/06/2020 6:45 pm