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FII product forums talk everything about FII products including study boards, risc-v boards, Ad9361 and Ad9371 boards
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FII-PRA006 and FII-PRA010

Altera FPGA Study Board, Verilog for beginner – Cyclone-10 FPGA Development Board with Jtag Embeded – FII-PRA006

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PRA006 or PRA010 can...


Xilinx Risc-V FPGA Board – FII-PRX100

RISC-V FPGA Board ( ARTIX 100T, XC7A100T ) – FII-PRX100 – Xilinx Risc-V FPGA Board

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What’s Different abo...


Altera Risc-V FPGA Board – FII-PRA040

Altera Risc-V FPGA Board – FII-PRA040 risc-v SOPC AI Cyclone10

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What about your IPco...


FII- BD9361 - AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ Board Compatible

AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ Board $379 Compatible FII- BD9361 – AD9361 Development Board, AD9361 Software Development Kit – compatible AD9361 RF Transceiver™ ZedBoard

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ADRV9371-W/PCBZ Compatible RF/IF and RFID FPGA Board – FII-AD9371

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FII-PE7030 Forums

FII-PE7030 FPGA Development Board and Educational Platform

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Sub-Board Forums

All the sub-boards listed in our sub-board directory

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FPGA Development Board USRP Software Radio SDR RISC-V RISCV XC7Z100 SOC -FII-BD7100

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FII General Talks

Please ask any questions about our company here

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How do you send your...