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Hexadecimal Numbers to BCD Code(hex_to_bcd), binary numbers to BCD code (bin_to_bcd) Conversion and Application – FPGA Board for Beginner Tutorial – Experiment 7

Experiment 7 Hexadecimal Number to BCD Code Conversion and Application Experiment Objective Learn to convert binary numbers to BCD code (bin_to_bcd) Learn to convert hexadecimal numbers to BCD code (hex_to_bcd) 7.2 Experiment Implement Combined with experiment 6, display the results of the operation to the segment display. 7.3 Experiment 7.2.1 Introduction to the Principle of Converting Hexadecimal Number to BCD Code Since the hexadecimal display is not intuitive, decimal display is more widely used in real life. Human eyes recognition is relatively slow, so the display from hexadecimal to decimal…

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