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Reading and Writing EEPROM, the Basic Principles of Asynchronous IIC Bus, the IIC Communication Protocol, IIC transmitting Experiment – FPGA Beginner Study Board PRA006, PRA010 Experiment 11

Experiment 11 IIC transmitting Experiment 11.1 Experiment Objective Learning the basic principles of asynchronous IIC bus, and the IIC communication protocol Master the method of reading and writing EEPROM Joint debugging using logic analyzer 11.2 Experiment Implement Correctly write a number to any address in the EEPROM (this experiment writes to the register of 8’h03 address) through the FPGA (here changes the written 8-bit data value by (SW7~SW0)). After writing in successfully, read the data as well. The read data is displayed directly on the segment display. Program the FPGA…

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