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Block_Debouncing Principle and adaptive programming, PCB schematics, and Verilog HDL Code – FBGA Board for beginner FPGA tutorial – Experiment 5

  Experiment 5 Button Debounce Experiment 5.1 Experiment Objective Review the design process of the shifting LED Learn button debounce principle and adaptive programming Study the connection and use of the FII-PRA006/010 button hardware circuit Comprehensive application button debounce and other conforming programming 5.2 Experiment Implement Control the movement of the lit LED by pressing the button Each time the button is pressed, the lit LED moves one bit. When the left shift button is pressed, the lit LED moves to the left, presses the right button, and the lit…

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signal Tap Setting
FPGA for Beginners FPGA Tutor Pocket Boards PRA006/PRA010

Switch and Use SignalTap II Logic Analyzer in Quartus ( Verilog HDL code ), Learn to analyze the captured signals – FPGA for Beginner Tutorial – Experiment 2 – FII-PRA006

2.1 Experiment Objective  Continue to practice using the develop board  Use SignalTap II Logic Analyzer in Quartus Use FPGA configuration memory to program 2.2 Experiment Requirement By using SignalTap II, learn to analyze and capture the experimental signals. 2.3 Experiment 2.3.1 Project Building Refer to Experiment1, the following experiment project building steps will be eliminated. 2.3.2 PCB Schematics 2.3.3 Experiment Procedure We include the PLL1 generated in Experiment 1 Verilog HDL code is as follows: 2.3.4 SignalTap II Logic Analyzer Step 1: SignalTap II startup and basic setup Tools >…

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