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FII-BD7100 FII-PE7030 JTAG SOC Tutor

Altera JTAG Setup & Troubleshooting

Table of Contents Copyright Notice 2 Common Problems: 3 Installing Quartus Prime 4 Common associated issues: 4 Installing Components for Quartus Prime 5 Common associated issues: 5 Setting up the Drivers 6 Common associated issues: 6 Manually Install Device Drivers 7 Common associated issues: 8 Choosing the Correct Hardware 9 Common associated issues: 9 Setting the JTAG Interface 10 Common associated issues: 10 Copyright Notice: © 2020 Fraser Innovation Inc ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Without written permission of Fraser Innovation Inc, no unit or individual may extract or modify part of…

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FII RISC-V3.01 CPU FII-PRA040 Risc-V Risc-V Core

Learn to Analyze the Captured Signals, Practice the Use of SignalTap Logic Analyzer in Quartus – SignalTap – Altera Risc-V Board PRA040 Experimental 2

Experiment 2 SignalTap 2.1 Experiment Objective Continue to practice the use of the development board hardware; Practice the use of SignalTap Logic Analyzer in Quartus; Learn to analyze the captured signals. 2.2 Experiment Implement Use switches to control the LED light on and off Capture and analyze the switching signals on the development board through the use of SignalTap. 2.3 Experiment 2.3.1 Introduction of DIP Switches and SignalTap Introduction of switches The on-board switch is 8 DIP switches, as shown in Figure 2.1. The switch is used to switch the…

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