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PetaLinux SOC Tutor

Using PetaLinux to Transfer a Linux System

  Table of Contents Section 1: Getting Set Up 3 Section 2: Formatting the SD Card 6 Section 3: Connecting to the Board and Booting Up 12   Section 1: Getting Set Up *In order to follow along to this tutorial, you will be required to have Ubuntu 16.04.01 already installed on your Virtual Machine using Oracle’s VirtualBox. Because this tutorial is geared towards Ubuntu 16.04.01, using other versions may have differences between the execution of commands. You will also need to have PetaLinux as well as TFTP already installed.…

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Virtual Box
FII-BD7100 FII-PE7030 PetaLinux SOC Tutor

Step by Step Installation of PetaLinux on Ubuntu via VirtualBox in FPGA Development Board

Table of Contents Copyright Notice 2 Section 0: Prerequisites 3 Section 1: Creating your first Virtual Machine using VirtualBox 3 1.1 Installing VirtualBox 3 1.2 Creating a Virtual Machine Part 1 – Setting up the VirtualBox environment 7 1.3 Creating a Virtual Machine Part 2 – Downloading and installing Ubuntu 12 Section 2: Setting up Ubuntu for PetaLinux 22 2.1 Creating a Snapshot 22 2.2 Getting familiar with Ubuntu – Shutting down & Restart 25 2.3 Getting familiar with Ubuntu – Changing the properties 26 Section 3: Installing and Working…

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FII-BD7100 FII-PE7030 SOC Tutor

Basic Introduction to Device Tree Driver Development

Basic Introduction to Device Tree Driver Development Copyright Notice: © 2020 Fraser Innovation Inc ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Without written permission of Fraser Innovation Inc, no unit or individual may extract or modify part of or all the contents of this manual. Offenders will be held liable for their legal responsibility. Thank you for purchasing the FPGA development board. Please read the manual carefully before using the product and make sure that you know how to use the product correctly. Improper operation may damage the development board. This manual is constantly…

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