Xilinx ZYNQ XC7Z030
Configuration FII-PE7030

xc7z030 board hardware resources and block diagram of ZYNQ chip

This development board uses Xilinx’s zynq7000 series chip, model XC7Z030-2FFG676I, 676-pin FPGA package. This chip can be divided into a PS (Processor System) part and a PL (Programmable Logic) part. On the PE7030 development board, the PS and PL sections of the XC7Z030 are both equipped with a wealth of external interfaces and devices for convenience use and functional verification. In addition, as always, the USB Cable downloader circuit is integrated on the development board. Users only need to use a USB cable to download and debug the development board.…

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Debugging results - Analysis of Switch Signals via ILA
Experimental Manuals FII-PE7030 FPGA Products

Learn to use ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) in Vivado, Practice the call of system resource PLL, zynq xc7z030 board – FII-PE7030 Experiment 2

Experiment 2 Analysis of Switch Signals via ILA 2.1 Experiment Objective Continue to practice using develop board Continue to practice the call of system resource PLL Learn to use ILA (Integrated Logic Analyzer) in Vivado 2.2 Experiment Implement Capture and analyze switch signals on the development board by using ILA 2.3 Experiment 2.3.1 Introduction of Switches The on-board switch is 8 DIP switches, as shown in Figure 2.1. The switch is used to switch the circuit by turning the switch handle. Figure 2.1 Switch physical picture 2.3.2 Hardware Design The…

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