Experimental Manuals FPGA for Beginners Pocket Boards PRA006/PRA010

Asynchronous Serial Port Communication, Handshake Mechanism and Data Frame Strcuture, Asynchronous Serial Port Design and Experiment – FPGA Beginner Study Board PRA006, PRA010 Experiment 10

Experiment 10 Asynchronous Serial Port Design and Experiment 10.1 Experiment Objective Because asynchronous serial ports are very common in industrial control, communication, and software debugging, they are also vital in FPGA development. Study the basic principles of asynchronous serial port communication, handshake mechanism and data frame strcuture Master asynchronous sampling techniques Review the frame structure of the data packet Learn to use FIFO Joint debugging with common debugging software of PC (SSCOM, Tera Term, etc.) 10.2 Experiment Implement Design and transmit full-duplex asynchronous communication interface Tx, Rx Baud rate of…

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