FII-PRA040 FPGA Board Based FPGA Tutor Risc-V

How does Ethernet work? MII, GMII, RGMII interface advantages and disadvantages, Perform a loopback test, FII-PRA040 Altera Risc-V Tutorial Experiment 14

Experiment 14 Ethernet 14.1 Experiment Objective Understand what Ethernet is and how it works Familiar with the relationship between different interface types (MII, GMII, RGMII) and their advantages and disadvantages (FII-PRA040 uses RGMII) Combine the development board to complete the transmission and reception of data and verify it 14.2 Experiment Implement Perform a loopback test to check if the hardware is working properly. Perform data receiving verification Perform data transmission verification 14.3 Experiment 14.3.1 Introduction to Experiment Principle Ethernet is a baseband LAN technology. Ethernet communication is a communication method…

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