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RISC-V FPGA Board Study Guide – FII-PRX100 Experimental Manuals

Version Control Version Date Descrption V1.0 10/07/2019 Initial Release V1.1 16/09/2019 Modify part of pin assignments and Ethernet description Contents: Part 1 FII-PRX100 Development System Introduction 5 1. System Design Objective 5 2. System Resource 5 3. Human-computer Interaction Interface 5 4. Software Development System 6 5. Supporting Resources 6 Part 2 FII-PRX100 Main Hardware Resources Usage and FPGA Development Experiment 6 Experiment 1 LED Shifting 6 1. Experiment Object 6 2. Create A New Project Under Vivado 6 Experiment 2 Switches and display 25 1.Experiment Objective 25 2.Start New…

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AD, DA Experiment Results
Experimental Manuals FPGA Tutor PRX100 Risc-V

digital-to-analog conversion: DAC, analog-to-digital conversion: ADC – Xilinx Risc-V Board Tutorial : AD, DA Experiment – FII-PRX100 FPGA Board Experiment 13

Experiment 13 AD, DA Experiment 1.Experiment Objective Since in the real world, all naturally occurring signals are analog signals, and all that are read and processed in actual engineering are digital signals. There is a process of mutual conversion between natural and industrial signals (digital-to-analog conversion: DAC, analog-to-digital conversion: ADC). The purpose of this experiment is twofold: Learning the theory of AD conversion Read the value of AD acquisition from PCF8591, and convert the value obtained into actual value, display it with segment decoders 2.Experiment Requirement Perform analog-to-digital conversion using…

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